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MEYLE-HD: better than OE.

MEYLE-HD stands for High Durability: Technically refined parts with 4-year guarantee
An increasing number of recalls, poorly conceived technology in the vehicle and in the installed production parts, and complicated installation and removal – these often lead to anger and frustration for workshop employees and drivers! 

MEYLE does it better: our MEYLE-HD products are technically superior to the OE part, whilst the reinforced and optimised design and high-quality materials make them more durable and reliable – as a result, they simply last longer and often outperform OE parts. 

Our MEYLE engineers analyse these OE parts, their weaknesses and potential for improvement, use their findings to develop better parts, and are involved in the entire process, from development to manufacturing at our own production facilities or at those of our international production partners. There’s a 4-year guarantee on all MEYLE-HD parts.*

MEYLE-HD – simply impressive:

  • Designed for a long service life: top-quality car parts which are technically superior to the OE part.
  • Cost and time-savings: MEYLE-HD parts are developed for professional and easy installation at the workshop. The installation materials are always included, if required, eliminating the need for any additional expensive special tools
  • Quality straight from the manufacturer: your one-stop shop for analysis, development, production and guarantee

* Further information about the guarantee: www.meyle.com/guarantee

MEYLE-HD: Our re-engineering process

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