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Cabin air filters prevent airborne pollutants from entering the passenger compartment. Failure to replace the filters regularly may cause the filter elements to clog. The consequence: While overall airflow is limited, insufficiently cleaned air fills the vehicle cabin. As smog and smog-related health effects are becoming increasingly serious, regular replacement of the cabin air filters is all the more important. There are two factors determining filtering performance: accuracy of fit and quality of the filtration medium.

Our range of cabin air filters includes:

  • Biofunctional cabin air filters
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Particle filters

Installation advices for cabin air filters

Please select your vehicle manufacturer.

Protection against bacteria and mould - new biofunctional MEYLE-ORIGINAL cabin air filter for even cleaner air in the vehicle

With a third filter specification, MEYLE offers another solution for even cleaner air inside the vehicle: A special coating on the new biofunctional MEYLE-ORIGINAL cabin filter ensures that the driver and passengers are not only protected from dust, pollen, soot and gases, but also that bacteria do not enter the cabin. The fungicidal effect of the silver ion layer also prevents the development of moulds, which can additionally strain the airways of the vehicle passengers and cause allergic reactions.

MEYLE engineers recommend to replace the cabin filter every 15,000 km or at least once a year.

MEYLE-ORIGINAL cabin air filters: Your body‘s first line of defence!

New cabin air filter for a wide range of VAG applications

The MEYLE engineers have developed the new MEYLE-ORIGINAL cabin air filter (MEYLE no.: 112 320 0011; Short no. MCF0099) with ease of installation in mind: Unlike the original version, the MEYLE part has a more flexible design eliminating the risk of tearing the filter during installation. Thanks to the optimised design, repair professionals benefit from simplified handling and time savings.

The new MEYLE-ORIGINAL cabin air filter (MEYLE no.: 112 320 0011; Short no. MCF0099) caters for a wide range of makes and models, including the Audi A3 (model years 2003 to 2012), Seat Leon/Toledo (model years 2004 to 2010), Skoda Octavia II, Superb II and VW Golf V/Golf VI.

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